We need your help!

Julie Thomas is carrying the responsibility of scheduling all volunteers to serve this season.  Please reach out to Julie directly and let her know your willingness and availability to serve – (864) 430-9281.  An important thing to consider is that volunteers on game days get FREE ADMISSION to the game that night!

Thanks in advance for sharing your most valuable resource – YOUR TIME.

Chain CREW

We are responsible for providing a “chain crew” staff of 4 people for each home game – Varsity, JV, C and D Team. Ideally, we would like to have the same people be the “crew” for each level.  Being on the sidelines during the game will definitely give you a unique prospective of the intensity of the competition! You will need to be available 30 minutes before game time for a short meeting with the officials.


This is our highest need by numbers — 16 people needed for each home varsity game and 4 needed at all other levels.  First and foremost, we want you to watch your kid play football!! So don’t sign up to serve concessions during your athlete’s game.  Instead, sign up on another night — this is a GREAT way to get to know other parents in the program.  Varsity games are staffed by halves, and all other levels are staffed for the entire game.  JV parents, come early and work the concession stand for C Team; C Team parents, stay late and work for JV games; etc.

Pregame meals

The booster club coordinates a meal on game day for each program level.  We need volunteers to help set up and clean up,

  • Varsity games are normally played on Friday and are served by a team of 4.
  • JV and C team normally play on Thursdays and are served by a team of 3.
  • D Team competition normally takes place on Tuesdays and is served by a team of 3.


As we travel to other programs, one aspect that has become noticeable is the heightened level of support their programs enjoy from the business community.  It is evident by the sheer number of signs we see as we walk into the stadium and the volume of shouts outs they broadcast over the intercom.  It is also noticeable by the number of logos you see when you visit their program’s website.  HELP US PROMOTE YOU – PROMOTING WHHS FOOTBALL!  See Kendra Wyatt at (864)918-1348 for details.

Needs of Program

Historically, we have also had a group of individuals that were “On Call.”  Their availability and willingness to serve have always enabled us to handle the unexpected.  We identify the what, when and where and they get the job done.

The sign of a healthy booster club is having a large number of volunteers eager to work.  This allows the load to be spread easily so that no one is working more than a fair share.  Our kids need to see us serve.  The example this provides to our athletes is just as valuable as the lessons they are learning on the field.

For those members that own companies or have special talents or have access to special resources, please let us know your specific capabilities.  We greatly appreciate all our “Friends of the Program.”